Welcome at ECOcentral.eu

What one alone can do to stop polution and climate change? Not much really. First it is very important, to understand ECO problems and talk about them as much as possible - to raise the ECO consciousness :). This is also the purpose of ECOcentra.eu. There is not much time left. We have to do more than make some simple gestures to promote our ECO attitude. The mantra "every little (bit) helps" is wheeled out. The new, more realistic one is:

"If everyone does a little, we´ll achive only a little."

Yes, we have to act. But we have to know how. We are stuck, when we have to come from words to actions.

"We live in a time when emotions and feelings count more than truth,
and there is a vast ignorance of science."
(James Lovelock)

On this page we will publish ECO-related topics in plain words, so anione could understand it. Our purpose is to motivate people to act.

We don´t want to be too locally restricted, so it is possible to publish texts in most of languages spoken in Region of Central Europe. The main elements of the page are in English.

You are more than welcome to make comments and suggestions. We invite you to promote your own products as long as they are ECO related.

Your ECOcentral Team!